XML Data Management Framework




Ideation has its own XML data management framework. This framework is designed towards the idea of handling huge XML data files (3-5 GB), querying the data with uniform and minimum response time, providing low memory footprint and relatively low CPU usage for most of the time.

  • The framework uses an XQUERY compliant XML DB in the back and provides a façade for controlling access to the XML DB. The façade also makes it possible to switch XMLDB vendors transparently.
  • The façade incorporates a proprietary second level caching mechanism to further minimise query response time.
  • The façade incorporates a configurable latching mechanism. This mechanism, used along with the configurable caching system can be used effectively to optimize a server's performance according to the hardware configuration of the server.
  • The framework has its own XML based protocol for query and response. The façade can be configured to expose a set of query services. This means, for most of the cases, exposing a particular sub-set of data as a service will mean writing an X-QUERY and registering it with the façade.
  • The framework comes ready to be deployed in servlet containers and can respond to REST queries readily.