You can't understand a city without using its public transportation system

To know more about the Transport project

Route Creation & Editing

Routes are created due to various reasons, the main of which are on intuition or perception on people’s boarding speculation.

  • Analytics comes into play from the very inception in capturing the boarding and disembarking pattern and finding out the regular and sundry population
  • Analyzing the pattern against different parameters like time, gender ratio, important stoppage sets, bus types, fare structure and other parameters is essential information that needs to be portrayed and published for feedback.

Route Rationalization

Rationalization of bus services is thus an on-going exercise to achieve the objectives of enhancing bus operation efficiency while meeting passenger demand,reducing traffic congestion and roadside emission, having regard to the changes in passenger demand and the opening of new transport infrastructure.

  • Define routes as the sequence of nodes and links
  • Identify whether the two routes are candidates for merger
  • Score the merger candidates according to the fractional overlap

Route Traffic & Real Time Bus Tracking

Individual commuters might want to have an app downloaded in their mobiles, they would have a pictorial version of the map having the moving bus positions on real time.

  • Users can decide which bus she might want to choose from what position, at what time.
  • Additional to the wait time parameter, the commuter might know the relative crowding factor

Data Collection Application

Surveyor use this app to capture the journey, select/feed route information

Driver Application

Drivers have in their dashboard-fixed-gadget-apps that determine their current position in terms of latitude and longitude and time.

Commuter Application

Individual commuters uses this application to have a pictorial version of the map having the moving bus positions on real time and ETA of the selected bus

The Process

Data Collection

Using the data collection application, all the route information stored in the central database. Also using the driver application, real time data of the buses are captured.

ETA Prediction

Using this data, the commuter app plot the moving bus positions on real time. It can predict the expected arrival time of the bus along with many other useful information.

Crowd Sourcing

This is the next level initiative by the community of travelers - a voluntary social initiative that would create a social habit down the line over the years.
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