Software as a Service (SaaS) Framework




The Ideation team has developed its own multi-tenancy model framework, which enables solution developers to provide a web-based application as SAAS with minimum grafting and virtually without any programming effort.

The SAAS framework provides

  • A notion of Account. An account embodies the end-customer of the application software, for whom a virtual data partition is created in the data-storage. This way, different customers' data are kept completely segregated from one another.
  • A notion of Channel Partner. A channel partner can buy a special type of license for the application software and set up his/her own SAAS distribution. A channel partner will ideally control multiple accounts.
  • A notion of Super Administrator. The Super admin will control all channel partners and accounts.


  • The framework is non-intrusive, implemented mostly with aspects. The application developers can provide SAAS capability by configuration/annotation and sticking to the contracts provided by the framework.
  • The framework is available for both enterprise java and .Net.