Mobile Practice

Enterprise Mobility

  • We have developed Smartphone (Windows Mobile, Nokia Symbian Mobile, Blackberry, iPhone) based clients interacting with server infrastructure via Web Service and Proprietary APIs.
  • We have developed compatible server infrastructures in JAVA/.Net platforms
    • Platforms: Windows CE, Pocket PC, Symbian, Palm, Linux
  • Applications:
    • Real Time Dashboard in Mobile for Legacy Applications
    • Field Force Automation for Security/Sales/Police
    • Management Decision Support System (24x7)
    • Remote Online Data Acquisition
    • Remote Infrastructure Management and System Support

Limited Device (Mobile Phone, GPS/GPRS based Device, Java Card etc)

  • Platforms: TC 65 /SIMCOM GSM, SiRF / SONY GPS, TC 65 / ATMEL / Proprietary Controller, Symbian / Windows CE Devices
  • Applications:
    • Fleet Management and Personal Tracking System
    • Field Force Automation
    • Commuter Information System
    • Location based Media Publishing
    • Online Data Acquisition System through hand held devices

Portal development, compatible with PDA as well as PC

We developed an incentive portal for blackberry, which is compatible Blackberry RIM browser as well as PC Browser. We have our Proprietary Frameworks in following areas:

  • Ideation Enterprise Mobility Framework (Java and .Net Based)
    • The client side user-interface framework helps us bootstrap a user-interface project in .Net CF or J2ME easily
    • We have our own communication framework (real-time as well as stateless), which abstracts the communication details from developer and provides quick development turnaround
  • Ideation LBS (Location Based Service) Framework
    • A small device client side framework to communicate location data from a variety of limited devices (complete list of devices supported, is provided on point 2 in the section above)
    • A server side framework, abstracting device specific protocols, enabling receipt of GPS data in a variety of application and transport protocols
  • Over-the-air limited device configuration framework
    • A server side framework to configure limited devices with SMS pushed via GSM service providers and GPRS push directly to the limited device