Ideal Retail converts your raw data into actionable insights that helps you make smart business decisions

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Retail Analytics

Retail Health Check helps you evaluate your retail operations using power insights and KPI's to identify gaps and take corrective action. ​

Supply Chain Analytics

Retail Analytics provides business intelligence and analytics for viewing your entire Supply Chain through graphical reports, KPIs and customizable Dashboards.

Retail Planning

Retail Planning provides you predictive and prescriptive tools along with dashboards and graphical reports to optimally utilize resources to maximize future throughput. ​

Graphical Report

The solution provides interactive, easy to understand graphical reports on click. Custom dashboards to develop consistent analytical practice across the organization

Custom Dashboard

The solution can create custom dashboards with preferred reports and KPIs needed. Share dashboards with others or embed your reports in other file systems like pdf or doc.


Available on tablet, mobile or desktop. Makes analytics available on-the-go, at the airport lounge, at vendor place, or on your bed. - it is omni-channel analytics.

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Extracts data from homogeneous or heterogeneous data sources


Transforms the data for storing it in the proper format


Loads it into the final target database, data mart, or data warehouse


On-Demand Self-Service Analytics


Mobility and Externalization


Deep drive into the data

Intelligence Caching

Consolidating and managing data and virtualization

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